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Double TII Group Power:

a KAMAG Ship Section Transporter on SCHEUELRE- NICOLAS EuroCompact

For the shipbuilder Lürssen-Kröger Werft, KAMAG Transporttechnik has built and delivered a Ship Section Transporter. Despite the economically challenging shipbuilding industry, Lürssen-Kröger is very well positioned – especially in the field of high-class yachts. Lürssen-Kröger already owns a KAMAG Ship Section Transporter, which is now 25 years in operation. The Ship Section Transporter is 12 meter long, 5 meters wide and 1.6 meter high and has a max. permissible payload of over 190 tonnes. The vehicle is equipped with three axle lines each with two four-wheel-mounted pendulum axles - in sum 24 wheels., the hydrostatic drive guarantees smooth and stepless acceleration. The precise steering, which is attributable to the proven pendulum axle technology of the TII Group, enables the ship sections to be exactly positioned. 

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