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Expanded Panama Canal opens its locks:

gates transported on KAMAG K24s

On Sunday, the expanded Panama Canal was officially opened. The connection between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean results in a fast and therefore cost-effective route instead of taking the longer route via Cape Horn involving thousands of kilometres. The new canal now also allows the passage of vessels up to 366 metres long and 49 metres wide carrying 14,000 containers. The first ship allowed through the canal yesterday was the Cosco Shipping Panama which entered and exited locks fitted with 3,000 tonne lock gates that were brought safely to their final destination during the construction phase last year by SARENS using KAMAG K24 transporters. The self-propelled modular transporters from KAMAG mastered this extreme transport with very high payload and high center of gravity with flying colors: the giant flood gates were located after 6 hours as planned in the uppermost section of the lock. After an successfully increase two traction units were uncoupled in order to drive the lock into the designated notch, which is structurally related only minimally wider than the door itself! The modular transporters are designed for transporting large and heavy loads. Whether the load concerned is extremely large or has a high centre of gravity, modular transporters from KAMAG will move it safely to its destination. Thanks to this flexibility, KAMAG modular transporters rank amongst the most powerful heavy-duty transport systems worldwide. KAMAG K24

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