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From Croatia to Sweden –

a transformer hits the road

The contract awarded to the heavy load logistics company Zagrebtrans involved transporting a 90-tonne transformer measuring 7.3 x 2.8 x 3.8 metres from Zagreb (Croatia) to Viksjö in Sweden. This meant negotiating a 2,700 kilometre route by road and sea. The trip took two weeks in total. Towns on route included Suben (Austria) and Osterfeld near Leipzig and then onto Rostock. From here, the next stage was taking the ferry to Trelleborg harbour and then through Örebro and Sundsvall to the unloading point near Viksjö.

The long distance presented an immense challenge for the Zagrebtrans team. A lot of things can happen on such a long route especially if the heavy transport also has to deal with winter road conditions. In such circumstances, it is essential that the team can completely rely on the transport equipment. And this came from SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) and specialist for heavy load transport vehicles.

For this type of assignment, Zagrebtrans relies on the modules of the UltralightCombi series from SCHEUERLE. “We chose the UltralightCombi from SCHEUERLE because we have had very good experience with the low-deck combinations provided by the special vehicle manufacturer in the past. Since we came across these axle lines for the first time, we have seriously been thinking about purchasing an UltralightCombi. In the meantime, SCHEUERLE and Zagrebtrans now have an excellent relationship based on the closest mutual trust”, according to Davor Radenić, Technical Manager at Zagrebtrans.

“One of our main tasks is to transport transformers. We carry out such challenging heavy-load transports primarily in Western European countries. Due to the range of legislation in place, we need very light low-deck combinations in this region on which we transport the heavy loads. What particularly impresses us about the UltralightCombi, apart from the extremely low dead weight of around 2.2 tonnes per axle line, is the good driveability and easy handling of the UltralightCombi modules”, explained Radenić. The drivers are also full of praise for the SCHEUERLE semi-trailers. "They only have good things to say about the low-deck trailers - in particular, that they are easy to use and drive", said Radenić.

According to the Zagrebtrans manager, the low-deck combination from SCHEUERLE offers even more advantages. These include the increase in loading height and loading capacity compared to other vehicles. The heavy-load transport expert from Zagrebtrans is particularly impressed by the flexibility regarding the configuration combinations of the individual modules and the compatibility, for example, with the loading areas of other vehicle types from SCHEUERLE's production. ”For the transport from Zagreb to Viksjö, Zagrebtrans used the UltralightCombi modules in the form of a 4+6 combination (four pendulum axles on the front bogie unit and six axles at the rear of the trailer). The maximum payload of this combination is 105 tonnes.

The module combinations of the UltralightCombi series with axle line loads of 12 tonnes at an 80 km/h transportation speed are basically versatile all-rounders when it comes to moving large but relatively light loads on public roads. Construction machinery, components for wind turbines, containers, transformers and crawler crane components are typical loads. The UltralightCombi modular platform vehicles are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-axle versions. The modular design of the UltralightCombi vehicles facilitates use as a trailer and semi-trailer as well as a bolster or low-deck combination. Available equipment options include excavator, slab and frame decks as well as crane and wind tower adapters.

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