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Transport of wind turbine blade

on a SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 PowerBooster combination by our customer AltéAd in France

The technological development of wind turbines is moving towards creating equipment with even larger rotor blades in order to harness the wind in low-wind locations more effectively. In the Lussac-Les-Églises wind farm, six wind turbines with a rotor diameter of 122 metres respectively have recently been installed. This corresponds to the diameter of the famous "London Eye" ferris wheel.
With the help of a rotor blade adapter, the 60m long rotor blades each weighing 15 tonnes were loaded onto the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 PB platform trailer and transported to their final destination 200 km away. A challenging route featuring numerous tight bends along with many buildings in the town of Lussac-Les-Églises had to be negotiated. The possibility to position the wind turbine blade up to an angle of 60° as well as the options to pivot and to turn on its own axis ensured that the blades could be safely transported to the site.
The K25 can be used with rotor blade adapter as a trailer or self-propelled. Especially as a trailer, the vehicle enables fast and efficient travel over longer distances, for example back to the loading location.

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