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The robust one

The KAMAG K24 is a self-propelled modular transporter which can be coupled to form any size of vehicle combination. A so-called PPU (Power Pack Unit) serves as the drive unit providing the required oil pressure for the hydraulic wheel-hub motors. The KAMAG K24 thus falls into the SPMT category (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter). SPMT gained a foothold in the transportation industry in the 1980s and changed more than just the way loads are transported. The production concepts for the modular construction of industrial plants, conveyor systems or infrastructure projects were reinvented for the future. Today, modules can weigh up to 15,000 tons; the sky is the limit. They can be handled by using SPMT such as the KAMAG K24.

Your benefits

Container Flat-Rack Loadability of the KAMAG K24 – due to the easy loadability on container flat racks, the KAMAG K24 is suitable for mobile use anywhere in the world.

Technology Leadership - The container-sized SPMT model series of the TII Group, including the KAMAG K24, have been improved continuously since their development and market development, meeting the highest standards when it comes to technology and quality. They have a competitive edge in all key technical configurations.

Robustness, experience and service –
The TII Group, including KAMAG Transporttechnik, looks back on the greatest market experience. No other manufacturer can offer comparable expertise and thus a comparable technical maturity and service at this level.


Brochure K24
pdf / 4 MB