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E-Wiesel AGV


KAMAG Transporttechnik automated logistics systems open up a new dimension in the organisation of logistical operations. Picking up pallets, automatically transporting them to dynamically distributed destinations by trail guide system and made immediately available for the next task - with AGVs (Automatically Guided Vehicles) from KAMAG, a smooth, completely automated process.

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E-Wiesel AGV

  • Perm. total weight 30 t
  • Payload approx. 16 t
  • Payload approx. 14 t
  • Pallet spaces 14


  • Welded steel construction with 2 longitudinal beams, axle support for front and rear axle. Multiple supports for bumper, and for safety devices. Front and rear bumper is hydraulically retractable.

Lifting device

  • integrated mechanical container lock
  • 4 suspension cylinders with even lift function
  • Position sensor for lifting table centred


  • Purely electric battery-operated driving system
  • Drive performance: approx. 70 kW
  • E-motor revs: 0-4,400 rpm
  • E-motor flange-mounted on transmission
  • Transmission connected to rear axle via drive shaft
  • Rear axle with differential gear (no differential locking)
  • Power electronics for e-motor


An additional electric motor drives (approx. 20 kW output) a hydraulic pump. It supplies:

  • Working hydraulics for lifting device and bumper retraction
  • Steering cylinder for steering hydraulics
  • Brake hydraulics for the hydraulic
  • brake system (operating and parking brakes)
  • Hydraulic pump: 35 ccm (60 l/min)


  • Capacity: 40.6 kWh
  • Voltage: 400 V (nominal)
  • Heating system for the battery using heating mats

Battery charger

  • Charger with 22 kW
  • Water cooling
  • Connection 400 V / 32 A

Steering axle without drive (front axle)

  • Load capacity 14 t at 10 km/h
  • Pendulum-mounted
  • Tyres 386/66 R22.6 Single
  • Brakes hydraulic (wet multi-disc)

Steering axle with drive (rear axle)

  • Load capacity 14 t at 10 km/h
  • Rigid in chassis frame
  • Tyres 386/66 R22.6 Single
  • Brakes hydraulic (wet multi-disc)
  • Parking brake (wet multi-disc)

Emergency operation/service

  • Manual operation: wired remote control for all vehicle functions
  • Emergency operation: hydraulic hand pump for raising the lifting device, towing eye on both sides
  • Euro pallets, 14 loading spaces
  • Purely electric, battery-operated
  • Hybrid-driven
  • Diesel-driven
  • Europe
  • Industrial companies
  • Logistics centres
  • Fully automated loading on pallets, lifting and lowering on ramps
  • Dynamic guidance of single vehicles and groups via trail guide systems.
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Payload sixteen tonnes
  • Fully retractable bumper
  • Emission-free thanks to electric drive
  • Few technical changes required on the transport route
  • Sturdy design for a long service life
  • Simple and completely safe handling
  • Approved by the BG, according to DIN EN 1525 and DIN ISO 6292
  • Low maintenance costs due to the electric motor and wet multiple-disc brakes