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Type 3800

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KAMAG Type 3800
Industrial Lift Transporter

  • Pallets for semi-finished products
  • Operating materials/plant components
  • 24t wheel bogie
  • 2 - 12 axles
  • 80t - 1,000t payloads
  • Pneumatic tyres 355/65R15
  • Radio remote control
  • Remote maintenance
  • Central lubrication system
  • Rear view camera
  • PU tyre filling
  • Arrangement of the driver's cab on one level with the platform or below the platform
  • Choice of drive system and steering can be adapted to suit operational requirements
  • Pallets/loads set down on the factory premises are driven under, lifted by means of the integrated hydraulic lifting device, and then moved
  • Setting down takes place in reverse order at any given location
  • Decades of experience in the development and production
  • Highly developed series standard with the flexibility to meet individual customer requirements
  • International sales, assistance und after-sales network
  • Functional and reliable company-own control technology
  • Extremely robust vehicle construction with high loading capacity
  • Exclusive use of brand components for the drive, hydraulics and electrics/electronics