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Self-propelled and trailer in one

Self-propelled and trailer in one - the PowerBooster models
PowerBooster models like the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 PB are equipped with shiftable drive axles and can be towed at 80 km/h or, if required, powered by an equally shiftable Power Pack Unit (PPU).

They can be used for a great number of applications:

As a pusher machine:

Before tackling a critical incline, the driver activates the drive unit. As soon as a tractor no longer has sufficient power to proceed up the gradient, i.e. the speed drops below 14 km/h, the drive starts automatically and thus provides additional power. Once the incline has been climbed, the additional drive is automatically deactivated and the speed can be increased again in accordance with the road conditions.
In normal road traffic as a trailer combination: After switching off the drive, the drive unit can reach a speed of 80 km/h as a transport combination.

For in-plant transport operations:

Here, during in-plant assignments, the vehicle can be uncoupled from the tractor and controlled as a self-propelled transport combination by means of a mobile control unit complete with remote control. Through this, the hydrostatic drive, lifting and lowering functions, hydraulic steering, braking system as well as the electrical power supply are controlled. Small, manoeuvrable and extremely flexible!


Coupled mechanically "side-by-side": a further option for internal transport operations is the mechanically coupled "side-by-side" combination. Due to the wide support base, loads with a high centre of gravity can be safely transported.