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Eco-friendly and efficient

The future is electric, quiet and emission-free. So it is in the yard logistics. The KAMAG ePM already offers all the benefits of e-mobility. It can do everything you expect from a KAMAG PM swap body transporter but, with its fully electric power train, it is also particularly eco-friendly and quiet. The batteries are positioned on the left and right of the chassis and easy to maintain.

Zero emissions during operations

Modular battery concept

Simple and fast battery charging

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  • Zero emissions combined with top performance
  • Modular battery concept
  • Easy and fast battery charging, AC with Type 2 plug and DC with CCS2 plug
  • Energy recovery through brake recuperation
  • Entry into the driver's cab via only 1 step
  • Enhanced safety due to the large windscreen
  • Easy and fast manoeuvring thanks to the small turning radius
  • More efficiency through fast lifting and lowering times
  • Comprehensive range of safety features
  • C715 / C745 / C782 swap bodies
  • Semi-trailer option
  • Permissible axle load: 25 km/h: front 8,500 kg / rear 17,000 kg
  • Permissible payload: 25 km/h: 16,600 kg
  • Permissible total weight: 25 km/h: 25,500 kg
  • Lifting height of the lifting frame (infinitely variable): 500 mm
  • Bogie unit lifting height: 150 mm
  • Dead weight: 8,900 kg (basic equipment with 1 battery pack)
  • Drive type: battery-electric
  • Battery type: lithium-ion battery
  • Number of battery packs: 1 to 4
  • Battery capacity: 40 to 160 kWh
  • Max. driving speed: 40 km/h
  • Outside turning radius: 10,300 mm